Chatham Bridge nominated for America’s Transportation Award

September 12, 2022 | Community News | Chatham Bridge

The rehabilitation of Chatham Bridge in Fredericksburg has been a noble and successful project, and is beginning to receive the recognition that it deserves. The Fredericksburg District Chatham Bridge Rehabilitation Project has been nominated for America’s Transportation Award, competing against 12 projects nationwide. 

The $23.4 million reconstruction of Chatham Bridge began in June 2020, and reopened to traffic on October 10th, 2021; the project was finished this past April. The bridge deck and travel surface were replaced by the project team, and repair work underneath the bridge was completed as well. Pedestrians and cyclists are also able to share Chatham Bridge, thanks to the 10-foot-wide shared-use path. The bridge also has, arguably, the best view of the Rappahannock River in all of Fredericksburg. 

The Chatham Bridge Rehabilitation Project has already received accolades, including the Quality of Life/Community Development Award from the Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Now, almost a year after Chatham Bridge reopened to the public, the public can now vote for Chatham Bridge to win the America’s Transportation Award. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials have included Chatham Bridge as a project worthy of such recognition. You can vote for the Chatham Bridge Rehabilitation Project here

Voting ends on October 21st, and users can only vote once a day.

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