Window Wonderland 2021

December 15, 2021 | by | Articles |

Among the many stores in downtown Fredericksburg, Whittingham, a home goods store on Caroline St, has delighted shoppers for many years with a special decoration during the Holiday Season: a Downton Abbey-themed window. According to Bob Whittingham, owner of Whittingham, two designers were hired to design and construct a set of miniature characters interacting in the front layout of the store.

“People come down to see the windows, to see merchandise, and [the window] draws them in,” Whittingham said. “It’s good for downtown, it’s good not just for my store…it’s good for all the stores.”

Wittingham is one of over 40 stores in Downtown Fredericksburg participating in the 2021 Window Wonderland. Every year, residents and visitors of Fredericksburg gather downtown to enjoy the designs of many windows in the shops, restaurants, and other locations. But designs are not the only surprise these windows feature. 

If you are to participate in Window Wonderland, make sure to freshen up on your knowledge of the Holiday Season. That is because each of the businesses participating in Window Wonderland have posted a different Holiday riddle for you and your family members to crack. Whether it be a Holiday song, a Christmas film, or many other Holiday stumpers, we encourage you to enjoy and solve the riddles that the City of Fredericksburg has devised.

Swing by the FXBG Visitor Center to pick up an entry form, or print an entry form online. Once you have completed the hunt for the window riddles, either drop off or mail your form to the Visitor Center. The riddle detectives of Window Wonderland have the opportunity to win over 40 prizes by participating businesses, or, in the case of the first-place winner, to win $1,000 in downtown gift cards! 

So swing by the Visitor Center to begin solving the riddles of Window Wonderland, and enjoy the beautiful window artwork of Whittingham, Sammy T’s, and so many other local businesses.