Fredericksburg re-assessment notices being mailed

May 1, 2024 | Fredericksburg Business News, Fredericksburg City News |

FXBG - City of Fredericksburg logoThe City of Fredericksburg’s general property re-assessment is nearing completion. The City’s assessor has completed the process of assigning values for each City property, and notices to property owners have been prepared. Notices are being mailed this week. The new assessments will be effective as of July 1st.

In addition to the mailing of the re-assessment notices, the newly assessed values will be released on the City’s website: The City and the Assessor have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to help further understand the assessment process, as well as an interactive map. These are also available on the City’s website.

Property owners who wish may appeal their findings to the assessor. Appointments will begin on May 20 and will last through May 30. There is an appeal form on the City’s website that is available for appellants, or property owners may contact the re-assessment office with questions or to make an appointment at [email protected] or (540) 372-1087.

Based on the new assessments, the City Council will be adjusting the property tax rate. The current rate for Fiscal Year 2024 is $0.89 per $100 valuation. The City Council is considering a new tax rate of $0.78 per $100 valuation (this includes the $0.01 consideration of a Fire Tax). Council may adopt a rate that is lower. The City Manager’s Recommended Budget for FY 2025, plus information and updates from work sessions, is available at the City’s website:

The public hearing on the new real estate tax rate was opened on April 23, and is being held open to the City Council’s meeting of May 14. The hearing is at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

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