Fun Land of Fredericksburg opening two rides in March

December 20, 2022 | Fredericksburg Business News | Entertainment, Kids & Family

The Flip SideFun Land of Fredericksburg is consistently innovating their selection of attractions. They will continue to do so this spring, as Fun Land will soon open two new rides: The Flip Side and Patriot Plunge.  

These two attractions will open in the first week of March 2023. The Flip Side is a “Mini-Dance 360” ride, and will be one of the most thrilling rides at Fun Land. The ride flips guests upside down, while spinning them simultaneously. Clint Novak, General Manager of Fun Land, is excited to have another ride that will truly thrill the guests. 

Fun Land announced that they will build Patriot Plunge in November. Patriot Plunge is a 40 foot drop tower that is designed for riders of all ages. While the ride is not as intense or thrilling as The Flip Side, Novak said that is just as much fun. 

Novak is excited to bring two new rides to Fun Land. “It’s always to expand the offerings that we have,” Novak said. He said that new rides are far more reliable, and he cannot wait for Fun Land of Fredericksburg’s guests to experience what they will soon have in store. 

Height requirements for The Flip Side and Patriot Plunge will be announced soon. Follow them on Facebook.

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