Grant program established for FXBG restaurants

April 6, 2022 | Fredericksburg Business News | Grants & Loans

The City of Fredericksburg Public Works Department, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development & Tourism and the Economic Development Authority, have created a program to help restaurants install grease traps.

The Commercial Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) Improvement Plan can help existing Food Service Establishments (FSEs) in the City of Fredericksburg with the cost of installing grease traps.

Virginia requires each city or sewer agency to develop and implement a FOG control program. Though the specifics vary, the programs generally follow the basic approach of prohibiting FOG discharges and mandating the use of kitchen Best Management Practices (BMPs) at the FSEs in their jurisdictions. Fredericksburg’s FOG Control Program currently includes approximately 140 FSEs that discharge directly to Fredericksburg-owned sewer lines.

FOG is a common term for the excess animal fats and vegetable oils that are generated during cooking and many food preparation steps. FOG enters the plumbing system through kitchen sinks and floor drains in food preparation areas. Over time, FOG sticking to the interior of pipes can lead to reduced hydraulic capacity or even a complete sewer blockage. When that occurs, the result will ultimately trigger a sewage spill, also known as Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO).

The FOG Improvement Plan will reimburse 50 percent of a restaurant’s cost to install a grease trap up to a maximum of $750. The grants are for existing FSEs that do not currently have a grease trap installed.


If you have questions, please contact Jamie R. Roberson, Utility Programs Administrator, at [email protected] or 540-419-4231.

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