New public-art sculptures installed in FXBG

October 4, 2022 | Fredericksburg City News | Arts & Culture

The “Flat Curves” sculpture near the train station.

Three new public-art sculptures are up in Fredericksburg as part of the City’s Public Sculpture Project.

The Fredericksburg Arts Commission, working with volunteer and project champion Preston Thayer, selected the sculptures in a competitive application process that saw nearly 30 entries. The sculptures will be up at the following three locations for the next year: Dixon Park, the train station and Fall Hill Avenue near the intersection of Village Lane.

“The public sculpture project is a wonderful example of our city’s commitment to bringing beautiful and interesting art to residents and visitors,” said City Councilor Jason Graham, who also sits as a liaison with Councilor Kerry Devine on the Arts Commission. “This initiative demonstrates our values and character, and we’re grateful to the volunteers who helped bring this art to Fredericksburg.”

Here is information about this year’s artists/sculptures:

  • Jennifer Rubin Garey created “Flat Curves,” which is now up near the train station along Caroline Street. Jennifer describes her work as “focusing on the female figure and how we choose to allow ourselves to be judged by standards of appearance…Our true form may or may not be consistent with the contemporary idealized image of a beautiful, successful woman.”
  • Adam Garey crouches by “Deflection.”

    Jennifer’s husband, Adam Garey, installed his sculpture “Deflection” along Fall Hill Avenue near the river. Adam re-used industrial pipe that had been discarded from standard construction and gave these elements “new life and meaning through the sculpture process…Combining the old and discarded with newly fabricated forms to demonstrate growth and rebirth.”

  • Washington sculptor Matt Duffy installed his “SUN” sculpture along Dixon Street at Dixon Park. The sun is simple geometric shapes. The artist adds that the art “alludes to the high-capacity industrial power of solar energy. The peach color of sunrise is contrasted with the bold red of sunset, with sky blue in-between.”

Matt Duffy stands by his sculpture.

These rotating three sculptures are a compelling addition to the four permanent sculptures at Canal and Prince Edward streets; Riverside Drive and Welford Street; Old Mill Park; and the Wolfe/Kenmore/Prince Edward street triangle. There are also an array of beautiful murals around town.

Be sure to go check out all the beautiful sculptures and murals. A great guide is available here.

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