Rehana’s now open on Wolfe Street

April 18, 2023 | Fredericksburg Business News | Restaurants

Rehana's SignLast weekend, Fredericksburg became home to a new, exciting, veteran-owned business: Rehana’s – A Gathering Place. Located at 104 Wolfe St. across from the parking garage, Rehana’s is a culinary experience unique to the city. 

Rehana’s is a great spot to enjoy small plates and cocktails that are locally sourced. These small plates include Samosas, Garlic Shrimp and Pan-fried Chicken Sliders. The cocktails include an Old Fashioned, margarita, and whiskey sour. You can learn more about their menu on the website

Rehana’s will also be open for brunch on Saturdays and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Brunch items include Salted Brioche Cinnamon Rolls, Huevos Rancheros Bowl, and Shrimp, as well as cocktails such as Mimosas and Red Snappers (the Rehana’s version of a Bloody Mary). 

Rehana’s will host private dinners twice a week that will feature new weekly menus. They also have an outdoor pavilion that will host outdoor dinners, live music, markets and more. Rehana’s is a wonderful addition to the City of Fredericksburg, and a concept that will be exciting to see unfold. 

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