A walk in the woods at Motts Run Reservoir

June 26, 2022 | by | Articles | Kids & Family, Parks & Recreation, Tourism

The Fredericksburg area is filled with trails of all sizes, including the beautiful and beginner-friendly Motts Run Reservoir Trail. It is open for biking and hiking from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday to Monday, and closes from November 1st to March 31st. My last adventure had me biking downtown, but this time I wanted to try hiking a trail.

The path I took was about 8 miles, and a 3.5-hour hike, including all the stops I made along the main Reservoir Trail and the upper half of Snuffleupagus Trail. Some fun landmarks to look out for are The Mine Run and Turkey Run creek crossings, the view from the Motts Run Dam, and the Old Silo at the start of its respective trail. I spent some time relaxing and taking in the view at these places. I used this guide to plan out my hike, which features a map outlining all trail names and landmarks, as well as more helpful information.

Make sure to bring bug spray, sunscreen, and plenty of food and water in a backpack. It would also be a good idea to bring a change of shoes and socks in case you step in any of the creek crossings, as I accidently did. Take your phone as well, so you can see where you are using their convenient QR code trail markers. This will pull up a map on your phone with a corresponding “you are here” sticker. If you’re good with a camera, you can even try taking photos of the wildlife. I ran into a snake, various birds, a few deer, and a ton of squirrels. There are plenty of photogenic landscapes to take pictures of as well.

That’s not all that’s available to do. For any bikers, there is a bike repair station near the front parking lot. It is just like those found at Hurkamp Park and Riverfront Park downtown. The trail can get bumpy and difficult at times, so this is very convenient for any problems you may face. Also, learn about fishing, boating, grilling, and more here. Remember to check back at FXBG.com for more fun activities to do around the city.