Archaeological work to begin on George Street tunnel

November 1, 2018 | by | Articles |

Mystery in the deep? That’s what Dovetail Cultural Resource Group will seek to discover when they conduct an archaeological dig on the George Street tunnel starting next week.

Constructed in the early 19th century, the George Street tunnel, which runs below the sidewalk in front of Fredericksburg Cupcake (206 George Street) to the junction of George and Caroline streets, has garnered much speculation for many decades as to its original purpose. There have been various theories thrown around — including the tunnel serving as a place for hidden storage and underground passage from the Rappahannock River. Watch the below video for a glimpse inside.

Between November 5-9, Dovetail will be searching for clues as to the tunnel’s true usage when they dig through almost two feet of soot on the floor of the two-century-old structure. As such, the sidewalk on the Fredericksburg Cupcake-side of the street will be blocked, and pedestrians will need to use the crosswalks at the junctions of Caroline and Princess Anne streets in order to walk on the other side of George Street.

Fredericksburg Cupcake loyalists need not worry because access to the shop will not be restricted during work on the tunnel, so fans of their Guinness-infused chocolate cupcakes or delectable cookie dough cupcakes will still be able to visit the shop during regular business hours to satisfy their sweet cravings.

Any history buffs or curious onlookers are more than welcome to take advantage of front-row seats at Fredericksburg Cupcake to follow Dovetail on their archaeological adventure.