Build a day around the FXBG Christmas Parade

November 30, 2021 | by | Articles |

Every year, our residents and visitors gather on the downtown streets to experience the Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. This Saturday, December 4th, bring your families to enjoy this year’s Candyland-themed parade. Beginning at 5:30 p.m., floats and music will encapsulate the streets of Fredericksburg, so experience the magic that is our joyous city before, during and after the parade. 

And while you are downtown, there is so much else to experience this holiday season. Journey from shop to shop, answering the riddles of our Window Wonderland contest (and perhaps enter the shops in an effort to buy local). Book a reservation at one of our many savoury restaurants, from Vivify Burger & Lounge to Benny Vitali’s Pizza. Keep yourself warm and grab a hot beverage, including hot cocoa, at any of our delectable coffee shops.  

But the fun does not stop there. The historic Chatham Bridge recently reopened with a 10-foot pedestrian path, allowing you to safely stroll across it and encounter one of the most beautiful views of the Rappahannock River around. Kids can play at and adults can enjoy the partially opened, impeccable Riverfront Park. And if you are in the mood to be educated on the history of FXBG, visit the local museums. Whether it be Fredericksburg Area Museum, James Monroe Museum, Historic Kenmore or Hugh Mercer Apothecary, familiarize yourself with the ever-expanding story of this beloved city. 

What we are most excited for, of course, is the Parade. We encourage and hope that you will attend this merry holiday event, and take part in the festive spirit of Fredericksburg. As we gather for this holiday season, we will always be reminded that you, whether you be our proud residents or committed visitors, are the reason our city sparkles. You make us proud to call this city our home. You are the motivation we have to throw the Fredericksburg Christmas Parade, and we hope that you will attend this Saturday. 

Note: Parking will be FREE in the Sophia Street Garage for the first four hours of your trip, and $1 for each following hour. A good excuse to show up early and enjoy downtown Fredericksburg!