The Decorated Windows of Fredericksburg

December 1, 2022 | by | Articles |

WhittingwindowhamThere is no better way to celebrate the Holiday Season than the decorated windows of Fredericksburg. 

Over 40 downtown businesses are participating in Window Wonderland, an annual competition. Participants of Window Wonderland can pick up an entry form at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, or print one out online. You are encouraged to answer the riddles in the windows of the businesses participating in Window Wonderland. Bring the completed form to the Visitor Center, where you may win $1000 in gift cards, or other prizes given by local businesses. It is a great way to break into the Holiday spirit!

But some businesses have gone even further than just participating in Window Wonderland. Certain establishments, such as Whittingham, have gone all out in decorating their windows for the Holiday Season. Whittingham’s stunning window is colorful, playful, and beautifully designed. Their window decorations have been renowned for years, and they have continued to do so this season as well. 

Sammy T’s, as well, has flourished in its window decorations. Tyler Duenas, who works in the kitchen of Sammy T’s, was offered to do the illustration for this year’s window. Duenas was inspired by the works of Van Gogh, and provided a Harry Potter theme to the window as well. He wanted to integrate Fredericksburg’s skyline into the design, as well as the railroad too. His goal was to add a fantasy-theme to this city, and with the design now in the window of Sammy T’s, he more than succeeded. 

The Holiday windows of Fredericksburg are a whirlwind of creativity, and contribute to the spirit of the city as a whole. Learn more about Window Wonderland here