More renovations underway at Brock’s Riverside Grill

August 8, 2022 | by | Articles | Restaurants

In April, the back dining room of Brock’s Riverside Grill was gorgeously renovated. According to Jason Smith and Billy Lapointe, the owners of Brock’s, the renovations have been well received. Smith said that the views of the river led to an uptick in business over the summer, and soon they will be hosting weddings in the back dining room. Now,  Brock’s is undergoing even more renovations, this time of their outdoor seating. 

Brock’s is building a roof above one of their outdoor bars, as well as an outdoor veranda with a stunning riverside view. These outdoor projects are intended to provide guests with weather-proof options for events, including weddings and corporate gatherings; as well as beautiful outdoor seating. Their intention with the roof above the bar is giving the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor areas of Brock’s throughout the winter, as guests have expressed interest in sitting outside during the cooler months (which was exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic). 

For guests who want to sit outside, the veranda will be ventilated with heat for the winter months. It will also have windows that can be opened, if guests would like a breeze as well. Smith and Lapointe hope that this veranda will be completed by the fall. They also have their eyes set on a bigger project that will completely transform their outdoor seating. While the outdoor seating is normally closed for the winter, this project will allow it to remain open year round. 

These renovations have provided, and will continue to provide, the exemplary customer service experience that Smith and Lapointe always strive to achieve. While Brock’s is already a wonderful staple of Fredericksburg, Smith and Lapointe are excited for these renovations to even further accommodate and delight the guests of their establishment. 

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