Fredericksburg launches Film Incentives Program

June 17, 2022 | by | Articles | Tourism

The Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority has approved a Film Incentives Program, in an effort to bring film production to the City of Fredericksburg. Production companies and advertising agencies (for commercials) can apply for film incentives, which take the form of a financial reimbursement. Productions can be reimbursed a maximum amount of $15,000, depending on how much they spend in the 22401 zip code. 

Fredericksburg has countless locations that are perfect for film productions. Whether it be Fredericksburg Battlefield, Fredericksburg Square, or the view of the Rappahannock River from Chatham Bridge, there are endless possibilities for where a film or series can be shot in this city. Fredericksburg has the small-town feel that many productions are looking for, as well as the industrial look that other productions may require. There are no limits to the potential in Fredericksburg as a destination for film production. 

Furthermore, production will have a major economic impact in Fredericksburg. In the past two years, the Commonwealth of Virginia experienced a $160 million economic impact from film production alone. If Fredericksburg was home to 5% of that production, it would have had an impact of $8 million. One of the goals of the Film Incentives Program is to bring 5% of Virginia production to the City of Fredericksburg. Production spend in Fredericksburg will range from catering, to lodging, to generator and tent rentals; among many other options. Local businesses will benefit significantly from the Film Incentives Program. 

In addition, the Film Incentives Program will contribute greatly to the ever-growing tourism industry in Fredericksburg. Film tourism occurs when travelers go to certain film locations, and in turn spend money in a locality. Virginia businesses have experienced a 150% economic growth from film tourism alone, and the Economic Development Authority hopes for the same amount of growth in Fredericksburg. 

The Film Incentives Program will be a great addition to Fredericksburg, and will open the door for film production to thrive in the city. Apply for the Film Incentives Program today. 

If you are interested in having your business featured for productions to use while shooting, whether for profit or as a location, contact Ryan Cudahy at Fredericksburg Economic Development & Tourism.