In search of the FXBG otters

June 10, 2022 | by | Articles | Fredericksburg Otters, Kids & Family, Tourism

A challenge for both residents and visitors, the Otter-ly Amazing Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Fredericksburg opens the search for seven bronze otter sculptures. The goal is to introduce people to the many tourism attractions where the sculptures are placed, provide a family-fun scavenger hunt and emphasize Fredericksburg’s status as a river city.

Each otter statue has a nearby QR code, which links to information about the otter, its corresponding location and its benefactor. Each otter even has a name, which you can learn about once you find it.

The Scavenger Hunt can be done leisurely or timed. You can relax and make stops along your way, or race around town on a stopwatch. Challenged by my new colleagues to take the latter approach, I completed the hunt in 52 minutes. As a Fredericksburg local, it brought me to new and exciting places I’d never visited before. It is also great if you appreciate art, like many of Fredericksburg’s citizens. It reflects Fredericksburg as an artistically rich city, through the work of brothers Stewart and Steven Wegner. You can learn more about the otter artists here.

If you’re looking to keep it leisurely, enjoy some snacks and drinks as you walk around, browse stores, relax along the Rappahannock River, pop into a museum and more. There are plenty of options in walking distance, since the hunt is centered in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg. You can also pick up some brochures and discover more at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center (706 Caroline Street). This is where you can grab an Otter Scavenger Hunt, which offers clues to the otters’ whereabouts, and turn it in once you’re done for a prize!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your adventures, and post them on social media with #fxbgotters. Visit for the rules and for more information on the Otters and Fredericksburg.

Think you can beat my 52-minute time? Give it a shot and let us know how you fare! This is a wonderful new activity for our community.