Renovations complete at Brock’s Riverside Grill

April 29, 2022 | by | Articles | Restaurants


“We wanted to bring the river to more people.”

That was the goal for Jason Smith and Billy Lapointe, co-owners of Brock’s Riverside Grill, with the recent renovations of their back dining room. These renovations were in preparation for years, and when the time and financing seemed right, Smith and Lapointe jumped on the opportunity. The back brick wall was blown out, which made way for the installation of glass-sliding doors, which guests can open on nice days. The drop ceiling was replaced with two beams, and conveys the industrial feel that is closely associated with many Fredericksburg buildings and businesses. The walls were repainted, trim was added, and the lights were replaced as well. These renovations have made Brock’s dining room lively and intimate with a gorgeous view. 

The renovations of the dining room were a five-week process: construction began on February 20th, and the room was open for business on March 25th. Smith believes that this view gives guests the feel of being on the riverfront while in the dining room. During the spring and summer, guests would flock to the outdoor patio for a view of the Rappahannock River. With these renovations, guests now have a view of the river that can be enjoyed during any season. 

In addition to increasing everyday foot traffic, Smith and Lapointe intend to host weddings in the dining room. While Brock’s upstairs reception area holds around 150 people, they intend for the newly-renovated dining room to host weddings for 40-60 guests. They also hope that couples will want to open the doors, and experience their wedding by the river. Hosting these riverfront, intimate weddings will be one of the primary functions of the dining room. 

Reception of the dining room renovations at Brock’s have been overwhelmingly positive. According to Lapointe, guests have been in awe of the view. As the dining room has already seen an uptick in business Smith and Lapointe are excited to see how these renovations will continue to delight and excite guests of Brock’s Riverside Grill. 

According to Smith, they “took a restaurant from 1999, and placed it into 2022 with a five-week project.”

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