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December 5, 2023 | FXBG Food Finds, Fredericksburg Business News |

Foode - Joy CrumpSince opening Foode & Mercantile, owners Beth Black and Joy Crump have solidified their standing as pillars of the Fredericksburg community; as business owners, restaurateurs, and inspirational women of color. Crump famously appeared on Boston Top Chef, and for years has awed guests of Foode with her authentic southern cuisine. Her work, along with the work of Black, has not gone unnoticed outside of Fredericksburg as well. 

On December 6th, Black and Crump will participate in the Black Kitchen Initiative, presented by Heinz, at the restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem. Collaborating with Marcus Samuelsson, owner of Red Rooster, Black and Crump aim for the Black Kitchen Initiative to shine a spotlight on their exemplary work, as well as the work of other chefs of color. 

The Black Kitchen Initiative was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic to gain exposure to African American chefs and their delicious cuisine. Foode & Mercantile, which has already received grants from the Black Kitchen Initiative, is now pairing up with Samuelsson (a nationally-reputable chef) to take over the kitchen of Red Rooster for one day, and earn some much-deserved publicity. 

Black and Crump are taking some of the Foode staff with them to Harlem, where they will operate both the front and back-of-house at Red Rooster. Crump’s dishes will consist of many Virginia specialties, including Virginia pork, apples, carrots, and more. 

“We’ll see little touches of Virginia all over the menu,” Crump said.

The praise bestowed on Black and Crump’s work is well-earned, and as Foode takes over Red Rooster and Harlem, the impact that the restaurant has had on the Fredericksburg community will continue to grow throughout the country. 

Foode is located at 900 Princess Anne Street. Follow them on Facebook.

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