Renovations underway at Goolrick’s

August 10, 2023 | EconDevTransfer, FXBG Food Finds |

Goolrick'sOne of the most important, prominent landmarks in the City of Fredericksburg was Goolrick’s Pharmacy, which unfortunately closed its doors last year. However, thanks to extensive restoration and renovation, Goolrick’s will soon re-open to the public. 

Jarrell Properties has been renovating Goolrick’s since they purchased it in May of 2022. The restorations have included fixing the building due to multiple fires and a flood in the 20th century, and thanks to Jarrell Properties, the structure of Goolrick’s has been saved. 

Goolrick’s is known for its lunch counter and soda fountain, and Jarrell Properties fully intends to maintain the building’s old fashioned style and charm. They intend to incorporate the decor and stories of Fredericksburg into their renovations. Additionally, Jarrell Properties is renovating the basement, and intends to include it as part of the Goolrick’s experience. 

Jarrell Properties is hoping to have Goolrick’s restored and open for business by Summer of 2024, the process of which can be tracked on their website. They are excited to preserve and share this Fredericksburg staple with the community once again. 

Goolrick’s is located at 901 Caroline Street. Follow them on Facebook.

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