River Rock Outfitter earns national recognition

October 7, 2023 | Fredericksburg Business News |

River Rock Outfitter - AprilRiver Rock Outfitter, the beloved outdoor adventure store on William Street, is getting the significant recognition it deserves. River Rock is now a finalist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 2023 America’s Top Small Business Award, placing first in its region. Owner April Peterson will head up to Washington D.C. on October 19th for the announcement of the top small business in the country. 

Through nine essays, Peterson applied to this award through the Chamber of Commerce. River Rock is one of seven finalists competing for the award, beating over 15,000 applicants, the most that ever applied. Peterson said that this accolade is an exemplary recognition of not only her business and staff, but of Fredericksburg.  

“The idea that our area is so business-friendly, that it supports its little-teeny shops with big ideas…it allowed us to just grow,” Peterson said. 

Peterson also noted that when it comes to revenue and the amount of staff, River Rock is one of the smallest businesses competing for the award. She said that her individual and business work in community service was a major factor in becoming a finalist for the award, as well as River Rock’s ability to survive and thrive following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This accomplishment for River Rock Outfitter is well-earned, and speaks to the success of businesses in the City of Fredericksburg 

“Any recognition for Fredericksburg is big recognition,” Peterson said. “Fredericksburg is just a place where you want to do business.”

River Rock Outfitter is located at 215 William Street. Follow River Rock Outfitter on Facebook.

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