Solarize Fredericksburg program launched

July 22, 2021 | Fredericksburg Business News |

Residential solar is more accessible to homeowners in the Fredericksburg Region due to a partnership between the Fredericksburg Clean & Green Commission and LEAP.

Is Solarize for you?  Learn how you can power your home with solar energy and how Solarize can make the process easy and affordable for you.  Attend a Fredericksburg virtual information session hosted by LEAP on August 18, view details.

If you are ready for Solarize Fredericksburg.  Residents may sign up to receive a free solar satellite assessment, and gain access to discounted prices and vetted installers through September 15.  LEAP provides ongoing customer support and education throughout the process to make the experience as streamlined as possible.

Thanks to Solarize Virginia, a program that reduces the cost and complexity of going solar by providing a one-stop shop for education and installation. This grassroots, community-based outreach initiative is managed by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) and presented in partnership with the Fredericksburg Clean & Green Commission. Through a competitive bidding process, LEAP has named Ipsun Solar as their selected campaign installer for 2021.





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