Rooftop bars re-opening downtown

April 12, 2018 | Fredericksburg Business News | Downtown Fredericksburg, Restaurants

Sky Bar at Castigilia’s on William Street

UPDATE: Both Vivify and Castiglia’s have opened their rooftop bars for the 2019 season!

Spring has finally arrived in downtown Fredericksburg, and people can celebrate the long-overdue occurrence this weekend at two William Street rooftop restaurants/bars.

Both Castiglia’s at 324 William Street and Vivify at 314 William Street plan to open their rooftops Thursday.

This will be the first full season for Luigi Castiglia’s rooftop venture, which is called Sky Bar and can comfortably seat 150 patrons. The bar took a winter hiatus and allowed Castiglia to improve the space and find a new team in the kitchen. In this regard, following a hiatus of his own, Sky Bar’s head chef, James Zitz, returned to his hometown of Fredericksburg after a stint of a few years working in the Florida Keys. Zitz says the menu will feature tapas-style options that patrons can share at their tables.

So enjoy this weekend’s great weather and pay a visit to these two destinations and the many others available in downtown Fredericksburg.

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